FAKHREE Group of Companies

The Fakhree Group of Companies (FGC) is a leading business house in the Emirates of Dubai with a reputation for quality products and sound business practices. The group has wholesale and retail businesses for Readymade Garments, Cosmetics, Imitation Jewellery, Accessories, Ladies Handbags and Gents Wallets.

A Strong Foundation

The group was founded in the year 1976, by Mr. Fakhruddin Mohammed Husein, who is popularly known in the business community by the name ‘Fakhree’. The enterprise began with a small wholesale shop in ‘Murshid Bazaar’ Deira-Dubai, when Dubai was emerging as a trading hub for the Middle-East and Africa region. Today, the group manages 4 wholesale and 3 retail outlets, dealing in the best of products sourced from the different corners of the world. The clientele is not just limited to the Middle East region but also hails from Africa and Eurasia.

Fakhree Novelties was the first shop to be established. The hugely popular Fakhree Centre was established in 1988, and is today the hub of the group’s operations with formerly wholesale units followed by retail outlets.

Keeping in tune with the times, and the changing character of Dubai, the group invested in retail business. Fakhree Centre at Naif Road, and Fakhree Centre at Satwa are two shining examples of the group’s retail success. Now the group has a third retail outlet in the city of Sharjah.

Much before the corporate culture hit Dubai, ‘Fakhree’ was already practicing the art of modern management. Delegation of responsibility and authority has been a cherished management practice of the group. Team Discipline is another hallmark of the group which helps it to fulfill customer promises. Computerization of its key business operations gives the management a tighter control on inventory and finance.

As the old guard changes to the new, and the scions of the original founder take charge of the business, the group is investing in initiatives that will let it scale higher peaks. Husain Fakhruddin, Abbas Fakhruddin, Huzaifa Fakhruddin assisted by the able Group Managers, will lead the group into the new age.

Sourcing House

The group is expanding its customer base by supplying to large retail stores. It has already gained some foothold by meeting the stringent requirements of major retail houses in the Middle East and other Asian countries.

The group is committed to strong quality control and price sensitivity for its big customers. Its purchase department is very active in the supply markets of China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Germany. Its high volume purchases offer retail houses very attractive deals for the group's complete range of goods.

Times keep changing, values stay firm

The times keep changing, and while riding with the waves, the group remains committed to its principles of fair trade and business innovation. It hopes to continue serving its loyal customers while striving to meet the requirements of its new customers and the changing world of business.

A strong customer orientation and good supplier relations, has ensured that the group’s warehouses are always stocked with the latest of goods. The group has established its own brands to meet customer expectations and these brands, in the areas of readymade garments, cosmetics and imitation jewellery, now stand proudly next to the bigger brands.

The establishment is dealing in Readymade Garments, Handbags, Cosmetics and Imitation Jewellery. All divisions are strong in their own respective field and are looked after for latest trends and requirements. It also hold brand ownership in the Middle East region for the Garments sector by name of Leisure Time (Mens and Boys garments) , Henna (Ladies and Girls garments) , Spike (Children garments). As for Cosmetic Brands the company has Enthrice (Germany), Rosetti, Maroof, Golden Lady and for the Imitation Jewellery Rosetti is a brand in which a variety of products from India, China and Taiwan and have been providing latest products in fashion at very reasonable prices and quality to suit the customer base.

Product List

Readymade Garments
Gowns & Nighty
Shirts & T-shirts
Trousers & Jeans
Skirts & Blouses
Vest & Briefs
Shorts & Track Pants
Slips, Bra, Panties & Girdles
Sweaters & Jackets
Socks, Towels & Accessories
Blankets, Bedsheets & Gift Sets
Enthrice Brand
Maroof Brand
Rosetti Brand
Nail Polish
Compact Powder
Liquid Foundation
Lip + Eye Pencils
Eyeliner + Mascara
Eyeshadow + Blusher
Makeup Kits
Baby Purse
Travelling Bags
Suitcases & Briefcases
School Bags
Mens & Ladies Wallets

Battery Operated Toys
Soft Toys

Imitation Jewellery
Necklace Sets
Rosetti Fashion Sets
Bangles + Bracelets
Finger Rings
Hair Accessories

Led & Emergency Lights
Shavers & Trimmers
Hi Fi & Sound Systems
Kitchen Appliances
Irons & Table Fans

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